Attorney Information

What is required for an attorney to receive calls from an offender?

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) has specific requirements for attorney registration that are different from normal Friends and Family. Specifically, attorneys must send specific information on their letterhead; details are in the FAQs and a sample format of the letter is also available for download.

Please note that calls are limited to 30 minutes; the time starts when anyone at the office accepts the call, regardless if it is the attorney to whom the offender wishes to speak, or someone else within the office.

Attorney-client calls will not be monitored or recorded.

Please see the FAQs for additional information.

Cell Phone Registration

If a cell phone registration is received, someone at the Texas Friends and Family Enrollment Center will call the attorney to complete a 3 way call with the wireless provider to validate the account and verify it is NOT a prepaid cell phone. Only postpaid cell phones are allowed. The attorney has to be present and participate on this call.